Welcome to Art by Shane Zentz

Here you will find all kinds of digital art work created by Shane Zentz. My digital art includes: Photography, Photo editing and manipulation, Graphic Art and Design, Digital Logos, and Brochures and Advertisements. So have a look around and check out some of my work. Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or even if you need some creative work done. If you need an advertisment, logo, brochure, or even photos, then check out some of my work and then contact me for more information about my work and rates. Thanks for viewing my website, and remember to check out all of my other websites. You can find links to all of my websites (and websites that I have created for work and others) at www.shanezentz.com .

How to contact Shane Zentz

You can contact Shane Zentz in a variety of ways. You can always email me at shaneATshanezentz.com (just replace AT with the @ symbol). Or you can always call me or text me at 574-339-4098. Feel free to contact me for just about any reason because I am always interested in feedback, comments, and even new oppertunities.

About this website.......

This website contains just a few examples of the creative works of Shane Zentz. More of my work can be found at www.shanezentz.com, but that site was quickly filling up with content, so I decided to create this 'supplemental' website to add new creative content to. Most of the content on this website was created with or edited with Adobe software, mainly PHotoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and inDesign, although other forms of saftware have also been utilized.

All of the creative works on this website were created by Shane Zentz and are ©Shane Zentz. All of the creative works on this website are considered the legal and intellectual property of Shane Zentz. Shane Zentz reserves all rights to all content on this website. Use of any material on this website without express written consent of Shane Zentz is strictly forbidden and prohibited.